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3D Interior & Exterior Designs

The French railway company SNCF was looking to recruit engineers able to imagine the future of mobility. The idea was to build a recruiting platform around ultra-realistic futuristic scenarios that will test young engineers by asking them to find solutions to the upcoming challenges facing SNCF and thus identify the precious few who have what it takes to engineer the future of the transportation Developed in HTML 5 Canvas, the SNCF Engineering Challenge boasts a stunning illustrative style and a library of design elements that create a visually exciting futuristic world through which players navigate with their desktop keyboards or using their smartphones as mobile controllers for a more immersive gaming experience.


In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Media Media Production

 What is Media Media?

Is an institution for the production of all types of media, a term that refers to everything related to the production of television and radio programs. Film production is the driving force behind all cinematic film-based careers, making it accessible to the masses, from the feasibility stage to the stage of mass screening, in which cinematic action moves forward on every film subject to the pre-planned program Before the start of implementation, whether film or report or preparation or sections or any visual work or coverage of media, technical and marketing.